The Evil Eye

I read something in James Bradley’s book, Flyboys, I thought was interesting. But first a little background. Bradley describes the Japanese invasion of China known as the Rape of Nanking. It was a terrible invasion and unspeakable things were done. Tominaga was a student at Tokyo Imperial University who planned for a life in a … Read more

Go Canada

Canada voted alone against a UN resolution that singles out Israel for censure. The large Muslim and African groups, which dominate the council, had lobbied hard to minimize the scope for naming and shaming countries over their human rights records, but make an exception for Israel, the only government explicitly criticized so far by the … Read more

Wilberforce on Real Christianity

I am back at the office now and enjoying getting back into work. I just came across this quote by Wilberforce and thought I would share it with the rest of you. It gives an insight into Wilberforce’s faith. A faith that motivated him to fight tenaciously for years to abolish Britain’s slave trade. Thus … Read more