I took some pictures tonight of a prototype that I am sending to China tomorrow, just in case I never see it again… I have a bronze foundry in Xi’an that will produce them. Xi’an is an ancient city in inland China that used to lie at the end of the Silk Road so its … Read more

Week 2 @ Caroline

I had another great week with a great group of guys. We went climbing a mountain one day. It was hot and we were thirsty but we made it! From left to right – Double D, Travis, Ben, Matt, David, Me, Rylan, Devon From the top! The poster boys for the tabernacle. : ) We … Read more

Week 1 @ Caroline

I just got back from camp and have a few pictures that I promised the guys I would put up on my blog. So – Squared, Stretch, Neutron, Spike, Samba, DB, Hawks – thanks for a great week! I hope you guys learned something and had a good time! The canoe outrip. We battled wind … Read more

Headed to Camp

I am headed to camp today. I will be at Camp Caroline for the next 2 weeks. Looking forward to a good time with a bunch of junior highs. I would appreciate your prayers that I would be an encouragement to the campers and staff.

The Mountains

I got the urge to do a little climbing on Sunday. It was one the clearest days I have ever seen in the mountains! You can check out some video here Now I know what kind of flack I’m going to get from my bros in Uglyville for this. All I can say to you … Read more