Tribal Jewellry For Sale!

Mom dug these out of the closet the other day. They brought back some difficult memories. Those that know me might be surprise to find out that one of my first business ventures was in ladies fashion accessories. I learned some valuable lessons from this experience. 1) stick to what you know2) earrings the size … Read more

Menonnites flee Quebec

Quebecs only group of Mennonites is leaving Quebec. Why? Because they have a school in which reading, writing, math, science, geography, social sciences and music is taught… but not in accord with the official Quebec school curriculum. The Mennonites disagree with the curriculum on these points: Its emphasis on evolution, the morality standards it promotes … Read more

Mountains and why we love them

This is an interesting article by J. Gresham Machen. Most of it is about his love of mountains and mountain climbing but having described his ascent up the Matterhorn, he relays some of his thoughts from the top as he looked over France, Germany and Italy… in 1933. At the time of writing he couldn’t … Read more

The Earth from Space

Bob Parker with the American Physical Society had this posting in his weekly newsletter: MARTIANS: THE PHOENIX MARS LANDER IS TO BE LAUNCHED TOMORROW. How can it be that 30 years after the Viking landings on Mars we still don’t know if there is life on our nearest neighbor? What have we been doing? Life … Read more

Paradise Valley

Jon Kontz, a good buddy from PBU came up for the a few days. We drove into the Valley of the Ten Peaks and then hiked across Sentinel Pass into Paradise Valley. It was an amazing trip! On our way up Sentinel Pass The other side of the pass It was an incredible place for … Read more