Congrats D & C!

I can’t seem to upload any pictures to my blog these days, otherwise I would have one of Derek and Chantal holding up some very small clothing…. Not sure what they would need that for! haha Congrats you guys! —- Ok, got things sorted out…. and here are a few pics. Texas Barbecue! It lives … Read more


I like this. Can’t say I’ve ever been a reggae fan but this is different somehow… Reggae – Hassidic style… : ) A few weeks ago I attended a Torah study in Calgary. It was an interesting experience. For one, I learned that it isn’t kosher to enter a synagogue without a kippa. I guess … Read more

The Office

Welcome to our office. This is Jack, a good friend and electrician. You will notice, Jack is working by a light stand that is connected to an outlet that is connected by a wire to the panel…. children, don’t try this at home. This is Troy, Jim and Me…. very productive office workers. The office … Read more

Pour at Gull Lake

Just a few pics from a pour at Gull Lake. It was a beautiful day for the end of October. It was a good time with Bob Webber and the crew from Brownfield. I really enjoyed working with those guys (and gal ; ))