An Acceptable Year

Its a bright sunshin’ day in Alberta and the year is looking up… unless you read the newspapers, Subprime virus infects one and all…Prepare to take a loss, investors cautioned…Losses set to soar…Political uncertainty, US data shake up markets… Cheerful! It seems that some abuses to the system are catching up with us. There is … Read more

Remembering Yagaso

I thought I would write a little more about Yagaso for those of you that don’t know her. Yagaso is a very old tribal lady who has been a special part of our lives for many years. One of the first times I can remember meeting her was while trying to dig a garden. Yagaso … Read more

Yagaso has passed away

As of today, December 16, around 2:15PM, dear old Yagaso is no longer with us. She died very peacefully, which is significant in a culture that until recently has had no hope beyond the grave. The fact that she went peacefully was commented on by the tribal people to Miriam, who arrived at Yagaso’s home … Read more


I just got this update from Rich and Dawn Foster, missionaries in the Bena tribe, (where we used to live). Yagaso is a very old lady who has always seemed very old. Somehow, by the grace of God, she has lived far beyond what is considered a normal lifespan in the Bena tribe. She is … Read more