On Eating Dirt

I am not in a grocery store very often and don’t compare prices anyway but even I have noticed the rise in food prices. For me that just means that I will buy less of something else (or better yet, eat at my parents) but in some areas these rising costs are really starting to … Read more

Famous Speeches

Correction to Obama posting – Clinton didn’t really cry… but here is her speech next to a few others. I know that Hillary is not addressing the nation at a time of war so maybe its not a very fair comparison… but it makes you wonder how she would do if she had to tell … Read more


I had an interesting conversation with a native man I picked up today on my way out of Fort Qu’appelle. I was surprised to see him on the side of the road as the temperature gage on my car said that it was -17 C (it felt a lot colder than that) and he was … Read more


So I haven’t been following the US primaries very closely but this article on JPost was a real eye opener to me. I wasn’t aware of some of Obama’s policies and connections. Check it out here I can’t personally think of a candidate in the US that I would get excited about – Huckabee – … Read more

Jon and Ariel

Jon Kontz and Ariel Hays are engaged! Congrats to both of them! Dad was wondering if Ariel was ‘the blond haired one’? I told him that was another girl. Haha, just kidding Ariel! So here is their engagement photo to set the record strait- in th Alps somewhere.

Like children

We could not hope to be listened to if we had merely our own thoughts; there are so many others in the world wiser and more learned than we. But in a time of peril in a beleaguered city the humblest of day-laborers is more worth listening to than the greatest of orators, if he … Read more

New Years at Buster and Gina’s

I spent New Years at Buster and Gina’s place. It is about 2 1/2 hours east of here near Big Stone, Alberta. New Years Party. It was around -20 out. New Years day – Early morning (at least it felt like it). Buster feeding cattle. Busters grandfather keeps bronco’s for rodeos (some of them have … Read more