My New Dream Home

This is Russia’s only wooden sky scraper. It is 13 stories high and apparently it is about ready to fall down. The story goes that a Russian contractor began building a 2 story house but in the middle of the project he was sent to jail for beating one of workers. His business fell apart … Read more

Rolly Pollys

I have been writing a paper tonight on Sowbug’s aka Rolly Polly’s. There was a time when Rolly Polly’s really interested me. I would entertain myself by poking them and watching them curl up in ball but that time has long past and there is a lot else I would rather be doing. But having … Read more

My new lens (I wish)

Krajec sent me the specs for this lens. It’d be ideal for nature photography. With a focal length of 1200mm a person could photograph a tick on deers rump from a mile away. At 36 lbs it comes with its very own aluminum carrying case… or trunk. Only 12 have been made in the world … Read more