The Deck

This is a deck for a customer who wanted something a little different… The backbone of the deck was a laminated plywood beam that sat on concrete pilings. The step stringers were then lagged to the beam. We heated the Trex (composite) boards in a makeshift kiln until the boards were almost too hot to … Read more

The sky is falling!

At least that’s the impression I get reading the financial news these days. World changing events are occurring and it is not exactly easy to sit back and watch completely detached… Anyway, no matter what the stock market does, one thing is for sure, Wall Street will never be the same. It has been interesting … Read more

Fishing in the Crowsnest

A couple weekends ago we got a chance to do some fishing in the Crowsnest area. It was a classic trout stream with nice ripples, deep pockets and undercut banks. It was trout heaven … but without any trout. But later in the afternoon the clouds moved in and the fun began. It was epic! … Read more

The President of the United States

It was the birth of a new Republic, the fulfillment of years of struggle. John Adams stood before the House and Senate and proceeded over the inauguration of America’s first President. The fledgling Congress had pressing matters to attend too but none so important than what title should be given to the President of the … Read more

Sacred or Secular?

their god is their stomach. their glory is in their shame. their mind is on earthly things. but our citizenship is in heaven and we eagerly await a Savior from there. So which is it? What is the drive? The motivation? It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred … Read more

Jon and Ariels Wedding

So I have been intending to post some photo’s for a while. Jon and Ariel are getting back from their honeymoon today so I thought I’d better post them now or never. Thank you Jon.Jon’s bro’s.A fountain in down town Philly. I have very few pictures from the wedding, and not even a picture of … Read more