The Evolution of Flight

This is amazing! These little critters are the fastest moving organism on earth… or at least their jaws are. Apparently they can wind up their jaws like a crossbow and release them with an incredible amount of force, which they sometimes use to propel themselves. It appears that they have yet to evolve stabilizers. lol

Capitalism, stimulus and the like

I just finished watching the Senate debate over the 1 trillion dollar stimulus package. (I know, I need to get a life) But it is a monumental decision that represents an additional 12,000 debt for every household in the U.S. (if I understand correctly) In Canada we have had our own debate and have similarly … Read more

You’re Already Dead

I was watching Band of Brothers – ‘Carretan’ last night and had to write out this conversation that takes place between two soldiers. Spears: What’s your name trooper. Blythe: Blythe sir, Albert Blythe. Spears: Do you know why you hid in that ditch Blythe. Blythe: I was scared. Spears: We’re all scared. You hid in … Read more