Its History

Just as a follow up to the last post… What I disagree with in some of my courses is not necessarily what is taught but how. This is especially true in some of my history courses. Rather than approaching history as a discipline some professors teach history as though it were completely subjective. They tend … Read more


Just listened to a hour long diatribe against nationalism, imperialism and the love of God. Prof blamed all the worlds problems on religion. But, I shouldn’t be too critical… it is not our aim to understand the lives of people who lived in the past or the events they took part in. Why confine ourselves … Read more

Atheism of Indifference

I think the larger question is what Atheism is and is not…. There is a basic difference between the way moderns and medievals look at religion. Medieval religion was a series of propositions about the universe that was either true or false, there is a God; there is not a God; there was a creation, … Read more