Nerzhin vs. Sologdin

In “The First Circle”, Solzhenitsyn contrasts the world view of an agnostic and a Christian through the lives of two men, Nerzhin and Sologdin. Both are prisoners in the Gulag trying to make sense of their lives. Disenchanted with Communism, Nerzhin has retreated into skepticism. Although he is a scientist working on a top secret … Read more


Joe. He was a former roommate… about 26 yrs old. On the day he moved in, he was beaming from ear to ear. He told me later that he had been on the streets but was trying to make a change in life. He was done with drugs, he said. Joe was scrupulously clean and … Read more

Elbow River

Took a few pics this evening down along the Elbow… It is real nice this time of the year. The river run through the middle of the city but I have seen beaver, muskrat, a coyote with her pups and, last night, an osprey. What I haven’t seen is any fish rise to the surface… … Read more