What do you see?

You take the Bible seriously…? Childish fables and all?  Creation in six days, Eve and the snake in the garden, Noah’s ark, Aaron’s stick that turns into a snake, on and on?”(1) It is easy to make a caricature of the Bible,  especially of the first chapters of Genesis.  When read as an ANE myth, the first chapters … Read more

The Potter

While scouting for places to shoot video in Hebron, Joel Kramer and I stumbled on a potters workshop.  The potter was deaf and mute and seemed to live in his own world.  He welcomed us into his shop and was happy to let us film.  Joel just released a 3 minute short with some of the footage. The … Read more

The Yoke

Israel was brought out of the ‘house of slavery’ to the land of Promise.  The bars of their yoke were broken, and they were made “to walk erect”.   (Lev 26:13 ESV)  In the laws of kingship in Deuteronomy, the king was expressly forbidden from selling his people back into slavery to Egypt in order to acquire horses, because “You shall not … Read more

The River

And so, look now, the Lord is bringing upon them the waters of the River, mighty and numerous, (namely), the king of Assyria and all his glory, and he shall run over all his courses, and go over all his banks. And he will push on against Judah, overflow and sweep over, reaching even the … Read more