Grantchester Meadows, the Economy, and Pink Floyd

I’ve read a few editorials in the National Post recently that argue for the legalization and normalization of prostitution in Canada.  The argument goes something like this:  Prostitution is essentially a woman selling what belongs to her.  So why should the government prohibit the transaction?  Why not regulate it instead?  In this way, the laws of supply and demand are allowed … Read more


In an article that discusses the supposed conflict between Biblical theology and Israelite religion, William Dever berates a number of his predecessors for their lack of professionalism.  He laments that flotation analysis was not used in more places. He argues for a more scientific approach to cataloging and analysis.  Furthermore, he argues that Syro-Palestine Archaeology has been compromised by its reliance on the Bible.  … Read more

70 AD

The story of Masada is fairly well known.  A small number of Jews made one last desperate stand against the Romans on an isolated desert fortress.   One might debate the number of defenders, the size of the siege ramp, or how long the siege actually lasted, but anyone who has been to Masada knows that a remarkable drama unfolded … Read more