Good News!

There is haunting letter discovered by archaeologists in the ruins of Lachish.  It was written on a pottery shard by the commander of a outpost during the time of Babylonian invasion of Judah. In the letter, the commander reports, we are watching for the signal-stations of Lachish, according to all the signals you are giving, because we cannot … Read more


Sartre: “I believe that the thinking of the group is where the truth is. …I have thought this way since childhood. I always considered group thinking to be better than thinking alone. …I don’t believe a separate individual to be capable of doing anything.” (143: pp. 170-171 as cited by Sharafevich) The Lord Jesus: “Enter through … Read more

Law and Freedom

One gets the impression that the life of a peasant in ancient Babylon was essentially that of a worker bee.  The hive was the temple or the palace.  Peasants were allotted a piece of land to work, and were required to bring a certain amount of the produce to the temple or palace.  This wasn’t a tithe – it was a … Read more

The Divine Name – Part 2

…Grace to you and peace, from Him who is (ὁ ὢν) and who was and who is to come… (Rev 1:4-5 NAS) The word translated ‘him who is’  (ὁ ὢν) is not proper Greek, but is the exact word used in the Septuagint to translate the Divine Name revealed  in Exodus 3:14. (1)   The Apostle John is clearly making a connection between … Read more