Wellhausen and Nietszche

Wellhausen’s big idea was that through a careful analysis of the OT, the natural history of Israel’s religion could be recovered.  Wellhausen’s method appears to be grounded in science and therefore theologically neutral.  But Wellhausen’s conclusions betray a decidedly negative bias against the church and the synagogue.  This can be seen particularly clearly in the writings of … Read more

Baal on Mt Carmel

As early as the Late Bronze Age, Egyptian traders called Carmel ‘the holy cape’ and a Greek traveller writing under the pseudonym of Scylax (6th century BC Greek geographer) referred to it as the “promontory of Zeus“.   In the Greek pantheon, Zeus was a mountain and storm deity who dwelled on Mt. Olympus so it was natural for the Greeks to equate … Read more

Child Sacrifice at Tophet

I know that the topic of child sacrifice is not exactly light reading – or uplifting.  But it is an important topic when it comes to Biblical history, especially as it relates to the Conquest and the Judean Exile.  A friend of mine has observed that when we hear of an execution, the first question that usually comes … Read more


This little story is from Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  (Spoiler alert: Don’t read any further if you plan to read the book!)  It is about Easter so I thought I would share it here. ——- Natasha loved to dance and sing, and run barefoot across the grounds of her father’s vast estate.  She would accompany her brother … Read more