Cosmos on Bruno

The cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be. This is the opening line of the television series ‘Cosmos – A Spacetime Odyssey’ that aired on the Fox Network in 2014.  The statement is clearly inspired by a verse from Revelation, “to Him who is and who was and who ever … Read more

Free Trade?

I just listened to an interview by Charlie Rose of Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, on Bloomberg. I disagree with Immelt completely.  What he calls free trade is not free trade at all.  It is a rigged system of global trade that favors large corporations to the detriment of local industry.  He repeats … Read more

To the Unknown God

“When the sea and lands began to be, before the sky had mantled everything, then all of nature’s face was featureless – what men call chaos: undigested mass of crude, confused, and scumbled elements, a heap of seeds that clashed, of things mismatched.” This is how Ovid begins Metamorphoses.  He continues by relating how ‘a … Read more