Augustine on God

Like many students, Augustine wondered what benefit his studies had been.  He mastered Aristotle’s Ten Categories but this knowledge did not bring him any closer to the truth he desired.  Most who read and taught on the Ten Categories, he thought, did so out of vanity and not out of a sincere desire to discover … Read more


Now, as individuals differ greatly from each other, in intelligence, sagacity, energy, perseverance, skill, habits of industry and economy, physical power, position and opportunity, – the necessary effect of leaving all free to exert themselves to better their condition, must be a corresponding inequality between those who may possess these qualities and advantages in a … Read more

Isaiah on Foreign Alliances

Just noticed an interesting parallel between two historical episodes in the book of Isaiah. Isaiah warned both kings Ahaz and Hezekiah against making foreign alliances. Ahaz rejected Isaiah’s warning explicitly whereas it is not as clear where Hezekiah stood in relation to the prophet in the days leading up to the Assyrian invasion.  Hezekiah would … Read more