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Archaeology + Log = Arcalog

This blog is a ramble through ancient and modern history.  There is not much coherence to the blog portion of the site but there are a couple themes that run through the posts here: 1) some things never change and, 2) not everything has a history.

About Andrew

I grew up in Papua New Guinea.  My mail goes to Alberta, Canada.   I worked as an independent contractor on industrial and architectural design projects before returning to school to complete an MA in the Bible and the ANE at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  I’m currently working on a curriculum that uses archaeology as a window through which to view both the ancient and the modern world.  I plan to publish it on this blog in sections (the first section will go up at the end of August).  I’m also working on a 6 week field school that combines classroom study with a tour of the ancient sites in Israel.


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