Minny’s roadtrip – Day 2

Beach, ND – I’m not sure how it got this name!

From the top of a butte somewhere in ND

The largest metal sculpture in the world… they say. I’m not sure if I get it. It looks like an eye with birds flying through it???

Paradiso’s Mexiacan food – Fargo, ND

This must be the biggest Blue Heron in the world.

Minny eyeing her dream machine, a Honda Civic with pink trim.

To be continued… : )

Minny goes to Philly

Kary’s, Olds, AB

Big Sky AB

Milk River, AB

Sweet Grass, MO

Almost got to ride to Shelby

Middle of nowhere, MO

Havre, MO – Minnie blew away on this photo and I didn’t get a chance at a second shot. See next photo.

Malta, MO

Circle, MO

Christmas in China

Here are just a few snapshots from the last couple days.

Mr Chen (on the right) from the tooling shop treated Bruce and I to lunch. It was a very simple meal and more typical for the average person in Shenzhen. I haven’t seen ginger beef or sweet and sour chicken once in China!

The hotel put on a Christmas Eve party so Bruce and I thought we would check it out. This was one perfomance I really enjoyed. (about the only one I am afraid)

Michael Jackhung in concert.

Its a beautiful day… Christmas morning in Shenzhen.

I spent the afternoon and evening at the factory. Its been a challenge this time around but I’m encouraged with the outcome. They should be out of the factory door in about a weeks time.

I head home tomorrow. Can’t wait to get back!

The Three Sisters

Joe and I went climbing last Sunday. On the way there we passed a point of interest. ‘The Three Sisters’ are famous mountains in Banff. I am not sure but I think they are named after 3 pioneers who ran a bed and breakfast in this area back around the turn of the century.

I did some digging on the web and found this old photo of them.

Tianammen Square

I went to Tianammen Square one night and then to the night markets. This square is where the large military parades take place. It is a huge, wide open area with the forbidden city (where China’s emporer used to live) on one side and Mao’s mausoleum (apparently Mao has been pickled against his wishes and could be viewed here at one time) on the other.

I like this photo. A single, unarmed, unknown man (his name is unknown!!!) had the courage to face down a column of tanks and bring them to a halt in the square. He had to have known that it meant certain death. No one really knows what happenned to him. At least 800 other students were killed in the 89′ uprising.

One of the night markets in Beijing.