Taoism and the Dongyue Temple

I went to an active Taoist temple today set in the midst of sky scrapers in Beijing. In the temple were 76 rooms that represented the 76 departments of hell over which the god Dongyue presides. Here is an example of one of the rooms. “The Department for Demons and Monsters” From the sign next … Read more

Electronics Superstore

I needed a card reader so I asked around for a computer store. I ended up here! 8 or 9 floors packed with electronics. Most vendors had only a small space to sell their goods and many of them seemed to sell the same products. I don’t know how they make a living. I found … Read more

A virtual madrassah

I’ve always wondered what the Islamic ulema teach their students. Here is a site that offers a window into this world. It’s a blow by blow commentary of the passages in the Koran that call for a holy war. Jihad: The Holy War of Islam and Its legitimacy in The Koran If you wanted to … Read more

Blairs speech

After reading Blairs speech, I have a whole new respect for his leadership. He speaks with a clarity and foresight that brings to mind another great British Prime minister. I can’t imagine this doing much for Blairs popluarity in Britain but, like W.H.C., he is calling it as he sees it. A few quotes from … Read more

Night on the town

I went to a cultural show last night which was about the only thing I found to do in Shenzhen. This won’t do it justice but I caught a few clips of it on my camera. china_show.wmv After the show I spent over an hour looking for a place to eat. I found this little … Read more


I am in Shenzhen now and thought I would put up a few pictures. Mr. Chen is on the left. He is developing the tooling for us. And then myslef, Bruce, our main contact in Shenzhen and Kevin Lau who has been a great help in crossing cultural and language barriers. An example of the … Read more

Talk is cheap!

Joseph Reed writes of the cowardice shown by many ‘patriots’ after suffering the crushing defeat on Long Island in 1776, “When I look round, and see how few of the numbers who talked so largely of death and honor are around me, and that those who are here are those from whom it was least … Read more