A Historical and Exegetical Study of Isaiah 8:23-9:6

Psalm 51 – A Confession

Psalm 104 and the Hymn to Aten

The Tabernacle – Early or Late?

Genesis 3:15 – The Curse of the Serpent

The Tophet in Jeremiah 19 – Child Sacrifice?

Isaiah 30 – Textual Analysis

The Development of the Greek Alphabet in the Context of the ANE

Aspects of Halakah in the Book of Jubilees

Babylonian Astronomy and the Astronomical Book of Enoch

Jews in the Hellenistic Period

Shabbatai Sevi and Mysticism in the 17th Century

Blaise Pascal – Man of Science, Man of Faith

Freud – Man of “Science”

John Wesley – Between Two Worlds

The Jesus Movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s

Why Did Goldwater lose to LBJ in 1964?

Why did Rabin shake hands with Arafat?

The Legalization of Politics in Canada and why we are Screwed!


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