I just got these pics from China. The Tab furniture has shippped!

Out of curiosity I looked up the ship and found this picture – the CSCL Rotterdam

The container arrives in Seattle on Feb 5.

Minny’s roadtrip – Day 2

Beach, ND – I’m not sure how it got this name!

From the top of a butte somewhere in ND

The largest metal sculpture in the world… they say. I’m not sure if I get it. It looks like an eye with birds flying through it???

Paradiso’s Mexiacan food – Fargo, ND

This must be the biggest Blue Heron in the world.

Minny eyeing her dream machine, a Honda Civic with pink trim.

To be continued… : )

Minny goes to Philly

Kary’s, Olds, AB

Big Sky AB

Milk River, AB

Sweet Grass, MO

Almost got to ride to Shelby

Middle of nowhere, MO

Havre, MO – Minnie blew away on this photo and I didn’t get a chance at a second shot. See next photo.

Malta, MO

Circle, MO