So I haven’t been following the US primaries very closely but this article on JPost was a real eye opener to me. I wasn’t aware of some of Obama’s policies and connections. Check it out here

I can’t personally think of a candidate in the US that I would get excited about –

Huckabee – didn’t know about the report released by the CIA on the status of Iran’s nuclear ambiton’s. Something you would expect a presidential candidate to know.

Clinton – claimed in a autobiography that her mother named her after Sir Edmund Hillary even though Sir Edmund Hillary didn’t make his ascent of Everest until 10 year after she was born. Married to a brilliant and well established liar who was a very great discredit to the American presidency. Publicly cried when she lost a primary.

Romney – The Book of Mormon!???

Obama – has connections to a black racist group (his church, Trinity United Church of Christ, believes that blacks are the true chosen people), anti semitic and openly supportive of Odinga in Kenya who is seeking to overthrow the current president and is backed by Islamic extremist’s.

Anyway, I guess it’s always easy to find fault but during these elections it is maybe a little easier than usual.

3 thoughts on “Obama”

  1. I hate Hillary but I am interested to know when she cried about losing a primary. The only reports of her crying I have heard she wasn’t even crying…just a little choked up and it happened the day before the NH primary. Also don’t forget they are going to report all bad about the republicans – all the media is democrat. I’m not too excited about any of them either.

  2. that’s true Bethany, I guess crying is a bit of an overstatement. At least there were not tears…

    But you made me go find the video on you tube… and I found a few others to compare.


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